other ceremonies

I can also conduct a memorial ceremony – a less formal occasion than a funeral – with fewer time constraints too. This could be instead of or in addition to the funeral and as soon or as long after that event as you wish. You could invite as many people as you like to speak either by pre-arrangement or just to say something improvised on the day if they wish. This could be held anywhere from your own home to a hotel or other event venue.

Baby Naming
Other ceremonies can include a baby naming – a ceremony to welcome a new baby into his/her family and society. As this is an alternative to christening it would normally be non-religious but that is not mandatory by any means. A nice custom some people adopt for these ceremonies is for two adults nominated as special friends (equivalent to godparents) to write a letter to the child, to be opened when the child reaches the age of say ten years.

Renewal of Vows
Another type of ceremony I could help you with could be a renewal of marriage vows, perhaps associated with a special anniversary. This could be similar to a wedding ceremony and like those could be a simple or as lavish as you wish, including words, music, readings and perhaps theme, to suit you.

It might seem odd to some people but it is possible to feel that an amicable parting of the ways should be marked by a ceremony to show that the two people concerned are still friends and in particular that they wish to do everything to ensure the welfare of any children. This can be particularly reassuring for grandparents. I would be very happy to help with this.

I am based near Marlborough and am willing to travel in Wiltshire, Berkshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire.

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