wedding ceremonies

A wedding designed and delivered by a civil celebrant can be whatever and wherever you like!

For this kind of wedding ceremony the couple can write their own vows, choose their own music and readings and have those readings delivered by the wedding celebrant or by a friend or family member or by themselves if they are brave enough (weddings are very emotional occasions!).

They can wear whatever they like and have a theme if they wish. (e.g. a hoedown, an Indian marquee, ‘a Midsummer Night’s dream’, a 20s/30s theme – or very romantic with a traditional white dress with all the trimmings.)

The venue can be a hotel, a garden, a wood, a barn, a tent, a boat, a beach, the top of a hill if your guests are up to that – wherever you like. All couples are welcome, including of course same sex couples. The only proviso is that they should be serious about the wedding and marriage and intend it to be a lifelong commitment.

N.B. It is important to make it clear that these ceremonies have no legal force in England. That being so, most couples go to the registrar a day or two beforehand with just two witnesses or perhaps the immediate family to take care of the legal formalities, and then have their personal ceremony for all their family and friends.

I am based near Marlborough and am willing to travel in Wiltshire, Berkshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire.

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